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‘Until No Place is Left Remaining’ – A Message by Pastor Olusegun Kolade

“Unless we take personal responsibility by taking the gospel to the unreached communities and the unsaved things will continue to remain the same.

Only those who are willing and ready to make selfless sacrifice can finish the unfinished task.

We should be more concerned about places yet to be reached than already reached places…”

The Mission of the Church – A Must Read!!!

‘Mission, simply refers to an important assignment given to a person or group of people. If any believer is asked the meaning of ‘church’ he or she will most likely say ‘a gathering of believers, the bride of Christ or the body of Christ’. At this junction I must reiterate the truth that there is ONE CHURCH, ONE BODY under Christ. There may be different locations across…’

From Ibadan to Miya on a Mission Trip

“It’s not easy leaving your environment to an unfamiliar one, especially one with different cultural values, language difference, believe, food, dressing etc.

It takes a man who is completely dead to flesh to relate with these wonderful creatures of God. Though, such a life seem weird in many ways to the ordinary man, but they are very dear to the heart of their Creator!

Stepping out on the first day of our outreach in Miya Town was…”

The Great Commission and You – A Must Read!

‘Have you ever wondered what the great commission is?

Well, here it is:

To go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. ( Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15)

That’s one task our Master charged us with, as He exited the earth.

But why should Jesus mandate us with such an enormous task, why didn’t He just do it Himself?….’

The depth of God’s love to mankind

‘It was at the cross that Satan did his worst and met His match. Christ, by His triumphant death became the Master of all times. While the agonies of the Cross clearly show the depth of His love to mankind, it also reveals the intensity of God’s wrath against sin…’

The Travail of a Missionary – A Poem

‘hey have journeyed far on a stormy tide
To the friendless shore and the strange hillside,
Where the wild winds sigh and the darkness creeps;
For their hearts are sad with a world that weeps,
And theirs is a love that never sleeps….’