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‘Until No Place is Left Remaining’ – A Message by Pastor Olusegun Kolade

“Unless we take personal responsibility by taking the gospel to the unreached communities and the unsaved things will continue to remain the same.

Only those who are willing and ready to make selfless sacrifice can finish the unfinished task.

We should be more concerned about places yet to be reached than already reached places.

If individuals can take responsibility, make it their priority then no place would be left unreached.

The confusions and duplication of gospel efforts wouldn’t have been possible if we all focus on places yet to be reached.

Our Obedience and commitment to missionary mandate is our response to the prophecies spoken by the Lord Himself.

Leave the already reached places

Focus only on yet to be reached Communities

Concentrate on those places

Deploy more resources to these places than already reached places …

Never leave until the work is done.

No ground should be left remaining.

Before the end of last year, the Lord gave us a word, which has been the driving force behind our missionary activities so far…

Genesis 1:28 .. Multiplication.

By the grace of God, the Lord has helped us to courageously follow this instruction..

As today, over 26,000 souls have been led to Christ in all these 12 countries.

We have taken the gospel to about 400 communities between January and today.

I have personally travelled to 4 different countries this year including Northern Nigeria making 5 and I can tell you that there is so much to be done.

Most of the unreached communities in Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, and Niger are predominantly Muslims.

For example, we have been working among the Unreached people in Northern Nigeria and Niger Republic

I keep wondering why Islam could reach those places yet without a single church.

We were ministering to some group of Muslims last week in Niger Republic 🇳🇪, we asked them if they have heard about Christ before, their response would shock you. According to them, they said that they have never heard about Him nor did they know who Jesus is.

Simply put, they were hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time.

The Lord has helped us to discover about 20 Muslim dominated communities where we preached and planted churches.

Some Muslims came back begging us to come and start a fellowship with them.

The Lord is doing amazing things on the fields and we are believing God to do more ..

Romans 15:18
For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ has not accomplished through me, in word and deed, to make the Gentiles obedient—

When sharing his field reports, Paul was able to adopt these methods

The Gospel in Word

The Gospel in Deeds

Every fruitful missionaries must follow these principles…

These precious souls are not only poor spiritually, they are also in need of other things

By the grace of God, the Lord has helped us to do the little we could with the help of the few people that are supporting us.

Some of these Deeds include..

Mission schools (Primary and secondary)

We have over 1000 students in all our mission schools.

The Lord is using this to open up the gates of other communities that are hard to reach.

Their parents who are Muslims are being engaged with the gospel from time to time.

Medical center

The Lord is helping us to build a community health centre in a community known as Mecca and Medina in that area.

The Lord is using this to open more doors for us to preach the gospel.

Feeding the poor…

More than 4000 families, Muslim converts who are facing persecution have received support through our evangelistic outreaches.

Empowerment projects.

Digging of well among others.


Luke 10:2
Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

The Greatest challenge being faced by any mission organisation like ours remains faithful and committed men.

Men who will partner with us ,

As at today, the Lord has helped us to plant about 350 churches among the Muslims inclusive, yet without a place of worship

The Muslim converts in Niger Republic need a discipleship school, we want to build a closed school where we can disciple them.

Indigenous missionaries who would love to go do not have means of getting there,

We cannot talk about the Great Commission without men and women who are ready to spend and be spent ..

Selfless prayer evangelists

Selfless financial evangelists

Together with Goers, the work will surely be done.

If the gospel must be fully preached in all these unreached communities, then we really need to pray that the Lord of the harvest should send more laborers.

If all these men are available, we can also testify like Paul, that there is no place yet unreached.”

Written by Pastor Olusegun Kolade (Int’l Missions Director, WPM)

Excerpts from ‘Updates from the Mission Field – Chat with a Missionary’ online programme organized by ProjectMESSAGE on 22-05-22

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