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From Ibadan to Miya on a Mission Trip

It’s not easy leaving your environment to an unfamiliar one, especially one with different cultural values, language difference, believe, food, dressing etc.

It takes a man who is completely dead to flesh to relate with these wonderful creatures of God. Though, such a life seem weird in many ways to the ordinary man, but they are very dear to the heart of their Creator!

Stepping out on the first day of our outreach in Miya Town was a never-ending experience, the Unreached People Groups gave us a listening ear. One could literally hear the cries in their hearts for a saviour!

They responded to the Gospel by offering us a bowl of water and afterwards requested that we visit them often so they can hear more of God’s word.

Truly, the presence of the Gospel brings light to the hearts and minds of the people. John 1:4 says “In him was life; and the life was the light of men”.

In the absence of this Gospel of Christ, the people gave themselves over to idolatry. Many generations have come and gone, yet paganism is still being practiced in Miya Town, Bauchi State, Northern Nigeria.

In the shallowness of their minds, they give out their young virgin girls out in marriage at a very tender age of 13 to 17 in a yearly pagan festival. These girls are subjected to polygamy as their husbands can decide to marry as many wives as possible.

Before we left these people on the 8th day of our short visit, by the Grace of God, we taught them extensively, gave them relief materials. We also provided our new converts with Bibles and trained indigenous missionaries who will continue teaching them God’s word until they are finally matured.

Apostle Paul said to Barnabas in Acts 15:36 “…Let us go again and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they do”.

Therefore, we sincerely hope to visit these people again soon. Truly, Gospel is costly, but living in darkness is costlier!!

This trip actually costs so much, sleepless nights were involved, long hours of travels (both day and night), long hours of watching in prayers of intercession for these wonderful people of God coupled with high financial commitments etc.

We did all these without complaining, because we have been ordained for this same purpose!

To God be the glory!!!

All we require from you is that you hold us up in prayer, support us financially and morally.

Many thanks to our Partners & Volunteers for their love and sacrifices, we can’t do all these without you!

Thank you!

– Written by Bro Innocent Agbaya (Team Watchmen)

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