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Impacting Missions: Unleashing the Gift of Tongues and Interpretation – By Sis Jane Edema

Drawing inspiration from the Book of Acts 2:5-11, we uncover the profound impact the gift of tongues and its interpretation can have on missions. These extraordinary spiritual manifestations witnessed on the day of Pentecost, continue to shape and transform the landscape of missions today. 

Let’s explore three(3) ways in which the gift of tongues and interpretation, as exemplified in Acts 2:5-11, can ignite remarkable breakthroughs in missions. 

Are you ready? Okay, let’s dive right in.

▫️Supernatural Communication Across Language Barriers:

As witnessed on the day of Pentecost, the gift of tongues empowered the disciples to speak in diverse languages, bridging the vast linguistic divide among those gathered. 

Similarly, in missions, the gift of tongues equips missionaries with the ability to communicate supernaturally in unknown languages. This extraordinary gift breaks down language barriers, allowing the Gospel to be shared with individuals from every nation, tribe, and tongue. 

The accompanying gift of interpretation ensures that the message resonates deeply, facilitating understanding and receptivity among diverse cultural groups.

▫️Authentic Cultural Engagement and Connection:

Acts 2:5-11 reveals how each person heard the disciples speaking in their native language. This remarkable phenomenon highlights the gift of tongues as a powerful tool for authentic cultural engagement. 

When missionaries speak in the native tongues of the people they serve, it demonstrates genuine respect for their culture and fosters a deep sense of connection. This approach opens doors for meaningful relationships and establishes trust, creating fertile ground for the seeds of the Gospel to take root. 

The gift of interpretation enables locals to grasp the significance of the message, leading to transformation and discipleship within the community.

▫️Catalyst for Revival and Unity:

The account in Acts 2:5-11 illustrates the impact of the gift of tongues and interpretation in igniting a powerful spiritual revival. As the disciples spoke in diverse languages, it drew people from various nations, stirring their hearts with awe and wonder. 

In missions, the gift of tongues and interpretation can catalyze revival, stirring hearts and drawing people to Christ. This divine manifestation brings unity among believers, transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, and fosters a vibrant community of faith that impacts the surrounding society.

Do you desire the gift of tongues and interpretation? 

It’s simple: Ask the Giver of all gifts to baptize you with it. (Luke 11:13)

In closing, it’s important to reiterate that the gift of tongues and interpretation, as witnessed in Acts 2:5-11, continues to shape and revolutionize missions. It hasn’t gone into extinction and doesn’t plan to.

This is why we should covet it for ease in supernaturally communicating across language barriers, engaging with cultures authentically, and igniting revival and unity within communities. 

Oh! Let us without reserve unleash this gift in missions, open doors to the transformative power of the Gospel, embrace the diversity of God’s creation, and impact nations for His glory.


Written By Sis Jane Edema (Team Watchmen)