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GO TELL: Matt 28 vs 19, 20 – By Abby Ndubueze

“Go and tell the Goodnews,
A Saviour is born!
Wise men who followed the star,
Proclaimed it from afar

Christ, the Messiah is come,
To redeem the lost cause,
To give the desolate a home,
To save us from the curse.

Go and tell the Goodnews,
Of His blood and righteousness,
Shed for Hebrew, Greek, Arab,
Gentiles, Latin, white, red, black……”
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The Joy of Harvest (A Poem) By Sis. Abigail Ndubueze

“Psalm 126 vs 6

Who are these like warriors come
Marching, stampeding the field?
Battered, wounded, their plow weild,
Their countenance bearing no form.

Their palms the brunt of toil,
They look not left nor right,
Strength fastened on the soil,
They toil all day and night.

These are they who labour,
Drifting like ships on sail
Waits to rest on its harbour,
Praying their strength not to fail…..”
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Redemption of the Church (A Poem) By Sis. Abigail Ndubueze

“But now I stand exultant , free
By Christ’s sacrifice on the tree
Oh how can I forget
Or how can my past negate
The place you picked me from
The place of Redemption
Though in pain I wail
And troubles my soul assail
Though persecuted all day long
And my soul is wrenched from….”

The Persecuted Church (A Poem) By Sis. Abigail Ndubueze

“Lamentation for the virgin of Israel
The virgin of Israel is fallen
She shall no more rise
She is forsaken in her land
And there is none to raise her up
She went out in thousand
But returned in hundred
In hundred she…..”

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Lord of the Harvest – A Poem By Bro Victor Ogunlade

Oh, wake from your slumber,
Let it not be that it ends in asunder,
For if not now?
Then, the beast of the land will rise devouring all that is ripe,
Yet, laying claim on that which was gathered as his right….”

The Worth of a Soul – A Poem by Bro Victor Ogunlade

‘Wonders seems never to cease,
Wait! Breath and look, then can you see beyond the seas. Is he a fool, or he’s just careless?
Is it a clue to show his act of being selfless?
But why will a shepherd of a hundred flock, leave ninety-nine of his sheep to go after one?…’

The Heart of a Missionary – A Poem by Sis Chidera Aguguo

“All I have is my heart that beats for you.
I do not have all the skills.
I do not have all the strength.
I dont understand the ethics.
I dont understand the patterns.
All I have is my heart that yearns and follows after you…”