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The Forgotten Church – A Poem by Sis Romoke Elizabeth

To Christian infants and to be,
To all who sought a comfort zone
A barque of safety on that sea
That laps at last on Heaven’s shore

But now no longer do these walls
Give back the chant of psalm or hymn
No more will flickering candles light
The pilgrim’s way through shadows dim

The congregation now is changed
A different choir its songs now sing
As drunken men and women too
Pass meths around a ragged ring

But surely these, these wounded ones
With a battered face and battered mind
Are welcome in the Home of HE;
Who gave His life for Humankind

For He’s here and with us now
Where would He go, where would He walk?
With those who suffer, those who hurt?
Or those whose charity is talk.

Written by Sis Romoke Elizabeth – Team Watchmen

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