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“Unveiling the Profound Benefits of Intercession” By Sis. Blessing Ugwu

Exod.17.11: And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. (KJV).

In this article, we will delve into the profound effects of intercession:

Impact on Individuals and People

Intercession bridges the gap for others, leading them into light, salvation, maturity, and victory over challenges. For instance, Jesus interceded for Peter’s faith to remain steadfast, resulting in his remarkable contributions to the early church. Lazarus’ revival after intercession demonstrates its transformative power. Similarly, personal testimonies attest to intercession’s ability to break through sickness and adversity (Exo 17:11).

Transformative Power on the Intercessor

Intercession draws God’s attention to the intercessor. As prayers go up for others, God attends to the intercessor’s needs, refining their character and circumstances. Job’s intercession for his friends led to his own restoration. Moses’ radiant face after communing with God illustrates how intercession can bring about personal transformation (Job 42:10, Exo 34:35).

Manifestation of the Kingdom of God

Intercession activates the presence of God’s kingdom on Earth, summoning divine intervention for salvation, healing, and deliverance. The fervent prayers of the righteous unleash angelic forces, the Holy Spirit, and even God Himself to work miraculously among us. The powerful impact of intercession aligns with the promise that the prayers of the righteous avail much (John 1:14, Jas 5:16b).

Disempowering the Kingdom of Darkness

Intercession weakens the kingdom of darkness, rendering its schemes powerless. Satan’s accusations are silenced, and his influence wanes in the face of fervent prayer. Intercession dismantles strongholds, enabling the freedom and victory of those ensnared. The story of the possessed man whom Jesus liberated exemplifies the authority of intercession over the forces of darkness (Rev 12:10-11).

May our eyes be opened to the incredible benefits of intercession, motivating us to engage fervently in this spiritual discipline. Let us seize the opportunity to impact lives, transform our own beings, manifest God’s kingdom, and disempower the forces of darkness through the mighty practice of intercession. In Jesus’ mighty name, we embrace these profound effects of intercession and align ourselves with God’s divine purpose.

Written by Sis Blessing Ugwu (Team Watchmen)

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