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“At Gethsemane: Learning to Surrender” by Sis. Gbemisola Dawn Fache

He took a few steps away from those who went up with Him to express the anguish of His soul.

That particular garden was one of His favorite places; there He spent many evenings there. But that particular evening, He was not there to spend just another time, as usual. He was there because it was time to do what He was born to do. It was like a woman in labor but having no strength to push out the child.

He knew it was the right thing, but somehow He wished He could negotiate His way and evade it.

He finally found the strength to ask, “If it is your will, take this cup away from me.”

But knowing that the will of God was not a topic of debate, consideration, or negotiation, He quickly added, “Yet not My will but Yours be done.” He surrendered.

He had reasons to choose otherwise, but He chose to do the right thing even though it was the hardest option.

He was weak, but He did not present that as an excuse. He simply surrendered for God’s will to be done.

The depth of His weariness became the depth of His prayer to God.

Surrendering is not saying yes to God in the absence of obstacles and weaknesses but choosing to do God’s will despite them.

God does not demand our perfection, but He demands our surrender despite our imperfections. In the words of Apostle Paul, “For when I am weak, then am I strong.”

Weaknesses, loss of enthusiasm, fear, anxieties should never be reasons for running away from doing God’s will. He will perfect and strengthen us in the place of our surrender.

Following the example of our Lord, let us pour out our weaknesses in the place of prayer, with the intention to not run away from His will but to receive strength to do His will.

A surrendered heart always attracts the Lord’s strength.

Written By Sis Gbemisola Dawn Fache (Team Watchmen)

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