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The Worth of a Soul – A Poem by Bro Victor Ogunlade

Wonders seems never to cease,
Wait! Breath and look, then can you see beyond the seas.

Is he a fool, or he’s just careless?
Is it a clue to show his act of being selfless?
But why will a shepherd of a hundred flock, leave ninety-nine of his sheep to go after one?

ONE just ONE!
Why is it so important?

He went after that ONE not ’cause he’s fool. A shepherd’s Heart is he’s sheep and with one gone, his joy can’t be full.
He takes delight in them, giving his all to their well being,
All their blame he claims, that’s how he has been.

After ONE he went,
Daming he getting wet,
After ONE he went,
Taking off like a bird from it’s nest,
After ONE he went,
Totally ignorant of where it might go next,
Yet, fully aware, without he reaching out to get it back, it’s end is a sure death.

He goes after ONE’cause of his LOVE for it.
The sheep is a carrier of the shepherd’s life-time investment,
So! he just won’t, can’t and will never leave it all alone to face the heat.

All stone be turned,
All rivers crossed,
All caves searched.
The sheep is all the shepherd has got.
There by, does it with all guts.

Listen, listen, carefully listen……
There’s no mountain he won’t climb up,
No shadow he won’t light up searching after it.
There’s no wall he won’t kick down,
No lie he won’t tear down,
Until it’s found. (Matt. 18: 12-13).

‘Cause that “ONE” yes that “ONE” means ALL to HIM.

Written By Vicapaul (Bro Victor Ogunlade) – Team Watchmen

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