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GO TELL: Matt 28 vs 19, 20 – By Abby Ndubueze

Go and tell the Goodnews,

A Saviour is born!

Wise men who followed the star,

Proclaimed it from afar

Christ, the Messiah is come, 

To redeem the lost cause, 

To give the desolate a home, 

To save us from the curse.

Go and tell the Goodnews, 

Of His blood and righteousness, 

Shed for Hebrew, Greek, Arab, 

Gentiles, Latin, white, red, black. 

His death and resurrection, 

His triumph over death and grave, 

His Precious life to us He gave, 

Poured out His all on the cross. 

Oh the love of God unending, 

Shed abroad our hearts, 

While sinful souls still pant,

Our cruel will unbending. 

The tomb is empty, 

The veil in twain is torn.

Evidence of His sovereignty, 

A new dawn is born!

Go and tell the Goodnews,

Of His saving Power, 

Of the love and grace He showers, 

Every morning like the dew. 

Go and announce to the prison, 

Proclaim the joy of salvation, 

Christ from the grave is risen, 

Offering life and light to all nations. 

Go and tell the Goodnews, 

Of His open invitation, 

To all who will believe, 

They shall all receive. 

Tell it to the waves, 

Tell it to the caves, 

Tell that Jesus alone saves, 

Even to the uttermost. 

Tell till all the world know, 

Tell the sweet sweet story, 

Till all His beauty show, 

And all the earth His glory!

Written by Sis. Abigail Ndubueze (Team Watchmen)

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