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The Great Commission and You (A Poem) By Bro Victor Ogunlade

Treading on slippery ground, though as a train track it seems,

Turning his back on the fence thereby letting lose all seams,

His eyes configured to see nothing even when there’s a whole to behold,

All’ll end in your best interest no matter how ‘tis addressed so he was told,

Then he kept at it with the veil on his face and the treat with no peace.

So far he’s gone like a character worn from Eden,

An endless circle of shame and pain he wears like the atmosphere of hades,

A refreshing feel of agony he’s blessed with in his dallies,

Nevertheless, he must keep up with the reward of his actions as his wages,

For every turn he takes, he feels wistful hoping against hope to be useful.

Hey you! Yes you ”saint”,

Was it not for him you were saved, that he shan’t die but be new?

Was it not for him you were called that he gives audience to love Him who called you?

Were you not chosen and anointed that he must be delivered?

Guess what! You were set apart for this purpose,

Even as a fetus, this goal was what aided you grow,

So now you see, there are no two ways about it.

The only reason you are where you are,

The explanatory fact of why you aren’t where you think ought,

The mystery behind your very existence that makes you hurt,

Is that you are out to bring him in, that he might be turned in-out,

Yea, you’re on a journey that he may come home,

And huh! For this MISSION you were COMMISSIONED.

Written By Bro Victor Ogunlade (Team Watchmen)

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