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Lord of the Harvest – A Poem By Bro Victor Ogunlade


Oh, wake from your slumber,

Let it not be that it ends in asunder,

For if not now?

Then, the beast of the land will rise devouring all that is ripe,

Yet, laying claim on that which was gathered as his right.


Here it is,

The Sapa Valley is nothing compared to its beauty,

For the master himself has crafted it with delight and ease,

So, walking in it is the first of all steps, 

For after the walk comes the work which is the beauty of the duty.


Do not slow down, 

For as to the end of the seas so is the field, 

And as to the sand of the river bank so is its fruits,

He with two bodies though joined as one, 

Whom the more he stands the faster he runs is a friend to none.


Unto Him who own it all we call,

Unto Him sees it all we run,

He who blesses with the art of the act,

And chooses from the earth with His heart,

To Him we pray that His hands on ours and our weakness for His strength

As He multiplies those who will WALK to WORK, 

For He is LORD OF THE HARVEST (Matt.9:38).

Written By Bro Victor Ogunlade (Team Watchmen)

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