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The Profitable Vessel By Sis Blessing C. Ugwu

“Today’s article talks about ‘The profitable vessel’. For easy understanding and study, I have decided to discuss this topic under 5 points. 3 of these will be covered in this first part. The 5 points include:
1. Who is a vessel
2. Who is your Maker
3. How can I be profitable
4. Hindrances to being profitable
5. The reward of being a profitable vessel….”

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The Cost of Following Jesus – By Sis Jane Edema

“Being followers of Christ is what we are called into as Christians.

However, Jesus mentioned in one of His parables that it is wisdom that one calculates the cost of any endeavor before embarking on it.

Lest he starts something he can’t finish and then, becomes a laughing stock.

In this day and age, you may have noticed several alterations, supposed “amendments” to our Christianity: particularly around lifestyle, where one who gets saved isn’t differentiable from one who isn’t.

Hence, one is tempted to ask….”