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The Cost of Following Jesus – By Sis Jane Edema

Being followers of Christ is what we are called into as Christians.

However, Jesus mentioned in one of His parables that it is wisdom that one calculates the cost of any endeavor before embarking on it. 

Lest he starts something he can’t finish and then, becomes a laughing stock.

In this day and age, you may have noticed several alterations, supposed “amendments” to our Christianity: particularly around lifestyle, where one who gets saved isn’t differentiable from one who isn’t.

Hence, one is tempted to ask:

Isn’t Christianity a culture we are called into? 

If it is, shouldn’t there be a cost to the Kingdom lifestyle? 

And what is this cost if it truly exists?

Well, the answer is simple:

All of you.

Yes! You heard right.

The cost of following Jesus is giving all of you– holding nothing back. 

In Romans 12:2, we are asked not to conform to the world but be transformed instead by renewing our minds.

Yeah! This is one of the costs of following Jesus: saying bye-bye to worldliness and all it represents. 

This tends to place a demand of non-conformance on our speech, actions, and thoughts.

The world is continually selling things that appeal to our sensory perceptions, but we are separated to call it bluff and embrace only the dictates of the Spirit.

This is why following Jesus will cost us some worldly conformances– relationships that fuel carnal and natural dealings in us. 

And that’s why Jesus said following Him without compromise would entail putting the interests of the Kingdom before anything or anyone else– parents, siblings, spouses, etc.

It’s a huge cost, as we may find ourselves solitary most times– for the Kingdom’s sake.

Indeed, following Jesus will place a heavy demand on our flesh.

It will cost us sleep as we tarry in prayers. It will cost us delicacies as we wait in fasting. It will cost us pleasure moments with family as we go on retreats.

Yet, we aren’t without help in carrying our cross daily. 

Our ever-present Helper– The Holy Spirit is one standby to ensure we embrace the process seamlessly such that the costs would seem like no costs at all.

Has following Jesus placed any cost on you? Kindly share.


Written By Sis Jane Edema (Team Watchmen)

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