WPM Feedback and Suggestions

As we prepare to navigate through the rest of 2022 and make plans to launch out for more visibility this year, it’s important to take a moment and listen to YOU, our dear missionaries, partners, volunteers and missionaries. We appreciate you sincerely for your contributions so far. Yet, this is that stage where we encourage you to share your thoughts with us by dropping a note in our suggestions box below.

  • What could we use more of?
  • What do you think we are doing well?
  • Where do we need improvement?
  • What are those options that you would like us to consider
  • Please feel free to be candid and let us know how we can ensure this space makes sense for you.

While we’re excited for the amazing testimonies in WPM, and having been sharing that across our social media handles, we know this is just the beginning. As we embark on the journey into the rest of 2022, what we hope is a long and successful outcome in all ramifications, it’s important you know how much we value your feedback. We may even reach out to you directly to hear your thoughts on what Watchmen Prophetic Missions Int’l (WPMI) is doing.

Your feedback is important to us. Kindly fill our feedback form below!

Many thanks!

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