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Team Watchmen Category – Logistics

Team Watchmen Category: Logistics
Work Location: WPM Head Office and Across Mission Fields
Remuneration: This is a voluntary role
Activity: As necessary, reports to the assigned supervisor

Logistics is a function or activity concerned with getting mission support items where they are needed among the Unreached People Groups and when they are needed or desired. This involves planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient and effective forward and reverse flow and storage of mission support items and related information between the point of origin and the point of distribution across our mission fields.
Logistics team members will work hand in hand with the assigned supervisor for procurement purposes and with the mission coordinators at the point of distribution of mission relief items and also maintain compliance with all WPM policies and procedures.

The following are important duties and responsibilities of the logistics team:

  1. Traffic and Transportation
    Ensures that the appropriate mode or modes of transportation are used in moving mission support items.
  2. Storage and Warehousing
    Ensures effective warehousing and inventory management. Appropriate storage prior to distribution and accountability of all support items and follow-up.
  3. Packaging
    Ensures that packaging of mission support items should be such that it protects them from damage during transportation especially through road, rail, river, or ocean.
  4. Material Handling
    Logistics team members are responsible for the movement of mission support items into a warehouse, storing them and moving the items from storage to packaging and transportation areas and for onward transportation to unreached people communities across our mission fields.
  5. Inventory Forecasting
    Accurate forecasting of inventory requirements for each mission outreach depending on location and materials and parts are essential for effective inventory control across our outreaches.
  6. Production Planning
    Once the forecast is developed and the current inventory on hand and usage rate is assessed, it will be determined the units to be procured to meet up with the available funding for that mission trip.
  7. Purchasing
    Purchasing or procurements is included in WPM logistics because the transportation cost relates directly to the location of the supplier sources of mission support items. Quantities purchased would also affect logistics cost.
  8. Mission Outreach Service
    Ensures that the unreached people groups get the right mission support item at the right time.
  9. Site Location
    Ensures that changes to storage site location, inventory costs are communicated appropriately.
  10. Order Fulfilment
    Ensures that the delivery lead time is reduced to the minimum in order to complete mission support items orders in time.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

• Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Ability to work independently
• Effective communication and people skills.
• Ability to adjust to different mission environments in rural Africa.

Education Requirement:

• High school diploma Minimum
• Significant experience in entrepreneurship, business or finance
• Computer Literacy (Preferred)