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September Togo Missions Trip Registration Now Open

Registration is now OPEN for the upcoming Volunteers Mission Trip to the Republic of Togo.

Deadline to receive registrations – by the end of the second week of August. This is to ensure that proper logistics are put in place.

Dates of Togo Missions: 2nd/3rd Week, September, 2022

Important Notice: A MUST READ!

As a member of the WPMI Togo Missions team: You will

  • Remember that you are representing Watchmen Prophetic Missions Int’l (WPMI) and, more importantly, Jesus Christ.
  • Seek to model Jesus in your behaviour and attitude.
  • Be in prayer for your teammates, team leaders and for those with whom you will be in contact.
  • Remember that you are a guest visiting at the invitation of the hosts (WPMI, Missionary Team Togo).
  • Respect their culture without judgment.
  • Remember that you have come to learn as well as to share.
  • Resist the temptation to inform our hosts about “how we do things.”
  • Be open to learning about other people’s methods and ideas.
  • Respect others’ view of Christianity in the context of their culture.
  • Recognize that Christianity has many faces around the world, and that the purpose of this trip is to share the love of God and to experience faith lived out in a new setting.
  • Dress modestly, and only bring luggage and possessions that are appropriate for the service needs of the mission and the country’s culture.
  • Develop and maintain a servant’s attitude toward all Nationals and your teammates.
  • Demonstrate that you are there to serve others and share Christ, while learning and developing relationships.
  • Respect the thoughts and ideas of the hosts and team members.
  • Not dominate conversations or interrupt others when they speak.
  • Be patient and respectful of differing opinions.
  • Respect your team leader(s) and respond positively to his/her decisions.
  • Refrain from criticism and gossip about our host(s) and teammates.
  • Refrain from complaining, as you recognize that travel can present unexpected and undesirable circumstances.
  • Instead of complaining, you will be flexible, constructive, and supportive.
  • Remember not to be exclusive in your relationships and make every effort to interact with all team members.
  • Refrain from any activity that could be construed as a special or romantic interest in a National or teammate.
  • Watch my language, refrain from discussing politics or other sensitive subjects, and avoid references to the military and to other religious groups or practices.
  • Refrain from teaching or practicing any belief that is not supported by Watchmen Prophetic Missions International.
  • Attend the mandatory mission team building and discipleship training meetings.
  • Participate actively in meetings as well as in mission, through sharing opinions, assisting in finding alternatives when necessary, assuming responsibilities and honouring decisions.
  • Keep confidential discussions and personal information shared among team members.

To indicate your interest, Kindly complete the registration form below and our team will reach out to you;

Last name is your Surname
Kindly include your country code e.g if you are in Nigeria, let your phone number start with +234.....
This is where you are based. Please include the name of your state and your country
Kindly explain in a few lines
Surname, then first name, and then middle name if applicable.
If different from above
Surname, First Name, then Middle Name
Surname, First Name, then Middle Name
Start with country code e.g. +234....
Who is he/she to you?
Our Int'l Missions Director would be in Togo during this period for mission outreaches.
Let's get to know more you and your zeal for the things of God
Let's get to know more you and your zeal for the things of God
There might be people from diverse walks of life on this mission trip.
Tell us about your past travel mission trip experiences if applicable
French is the official language of the Republic of Togo.. There will be interpreters provided, yet, let's know if you are multilingual or speak English only
For Discipleship Training Purposes and to determine areas of allocations during this mission trip.
This will be an intensive workshop.
If you are living with parents, let's know their thoughts
This for record purposes only. Visa is not required for Togo if you hold an Ecowas Passport or you are a citizen of African Countries. You can indicate N/A if not applicable to you
Transportation costs for this trip to and fro would be sponsored by interested individuals while the cost of feeding and accommodation during the period of the mission outreach in Togo would be borne by WPMI. The estimated transportation cost to and fro is approximately 70K in Nigerian Currency. See breakdown of transportation costs below for your perusal; From Mile 2 Lagos to Seme - 4k x 2 approx, From Seme to Lome - 15k x 2 approx, Border and Immigration Expenses - 5k x 2 approx, From Lome to WPMI Mission Base - 4k x 2 approx. Total 60k approx plus additional 10k in case of Miscellaneous.
Note that this group is separate from the General Volunteers group.
Join Team Watchmen Form is available here for those who would like to volunteer their skills if you haven't filled that form previously. You can copy and paste the link below into your browser. https://wpmi.org/join-team-watchmen
To read our Terms and Conditions, visit https://wpmi.org/terms-and-conditions/

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