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The Value of a Soul

What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

– Matthew 16:26

The Bible suggests that the price of the whole world still doesn’t come close to the worth of the human soul.

And it didn’t mean several souls. Yes! A soul is that important to God.

The parables of the lost sheep and coin further emphasizes that God would go any length to redeem a lost soul.

Let’s drive this home:

If you’ve ever traveled to your choicest luxury destination and marveled at how much it costs to put all the beautiful finishing and extravagant structure in place, then you may have a little hint about how priceless a soul costs.

Often, what it takes to acquire and set up a destination that would attract tourists will usually cost a fortune.

Yet, as grandeur as your choice vacation destination may look, its cost doesn’t come close to what your soul is worth.

In fact, the whole world put together doesn’t come close to the worth of your soul.

This should tell you something:

You are priceless.

This was why God didn’t spare His precious Son when He planned on redeeming the soul of man.

And the Bible asserts that He can also give anything else in exchange for the man’s redemption.

Yes! That’s how special you are to God.

So, no matter the challenge you are faced with right now, know that God is head over heels in love with you.

And this is why He would go to any length to ensure you are saved from any quagmire and delivered from all shackles.

There’s hope for you, but will you dare trust Him?

Ultimately, the responsibility to trust Him with any aspect of your life depends on you.

But we urge that you make the investment on your soul count, today.

And this is how:

Accept Jesus as Lord and personal saviour, and you can begin your walk with Him.

You got it! It’s that simple

Never forget this:

You matter. You count. You are loved.

God bless you!

Written by Sis Jane Edema (Team Watchmen)

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