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The Role of Women in Missions by Sis Charisa Makanto

The presence of a woman, a good woman in anything brings beauty, colour, and Life.

There’s a reason why God made women have the capacity and ability to procreate.

No matter how powerful a man is, he doesn’t have the ability to birth another man.
The presence of a woman signifies ‘Life’ (procreate) and the absence of a woman signifies death.

If all the women in the world are no more today, after some years the world would be completely wiped out because there are no women to create or birth more men.

Women have the capacity to birth nations and be mothers to generations upon generations.

There are certain roles or positions a man on the mission field cannot fill.

For one, there may be unsaved women or new believing women on the field who have deep personal pressing issues that they will never be comfortable sharing with a man, and so what happens when there’s no woman Missionary to speak to? Indeed, there’s a limit to what a man can do in times like that.

At a recent outreach, a woman walked up to me and asked if women are permitted to be Christians.

When I inquired, I realized this woman asked that because she thought the religion was only open to men.

I started by using myself as an example to let her know that if it wasn’t open to women, I wouldn’t be there.

Missions in itself can be very fulfilling and at the same time very challenging for women.

There are communities whose traditions have made it clear that the place of a woman is under a man and should be kept hidden in private. So, it becomes a challenge for women missionaries to be able to effectively minister in such places.

The problem isn’t with the message the woman is sharing, the problem is that the moment people block their minds from accepting you as a person, then everything you say will be meaningless to them.

Cultures like these have hindered lots of women from going to certain regions to preach the gospel.

This shouldn’t be a barrier because even in those regions, there are women who are looking for a woman or women to look up to.

A woman can think ahead and proffer solutions to problems that are even yet to exist.

Women have been uniquely designed by God with a compassionate and selfless heart. The heart of a woman is very large, willing to accommodate as many people as possible.

A woman who can thrive in missions serves as an inspiration to many other women who have been called into missions but are too scared to take the bold step.

A woman in missions ought to understand she has an extended family in all the nations where there are unsaved people and so she ought to find ways to nurture and cater to that extended family.

Esther in the Bible didn’t think of just herself, she thought of all her people and by her strong faith in God and bold steps, her people were delivered.

The Queen is not allowed to appear before the king unless summoned and what Esther did was an act that could take her life, but she did that and that was what saved her people.

In Luke 8:1-3, we see how women financed the ministry of Jesus and the disciples.

A woman on the mission field isn’t to take or drain the ministry’s pockets instead, it is to multiply what she already has and support the ongoing work.

Women followed Jesus everywhere. If their presence wasn’t important, Christ would have dismissed them.

There were so many women who traveled and worked closely with Jesus. (Mark 15:40-41.)

Women need to be healthy to fully function on the mission field.

The moment Peter’s mother in law got healed she ministered to them and was a blessing (Mathew 8:14-15.)

Health here is not limited to physical health alone but spiritual health too. You can’t give what you don’t have and so as a woman in the mission field, you have to be very sound and healthy spiritual because that’s the only way you can effectively minister.

There are certain initiatives that come naturally to women.

You may ask:

Why didn’t others in the house minister to Jesus and the disciples? Why did it have to be a woman? As soon as Peter’s mother-in-law received her healing, she ministered.

Therefore, it is safe to say that what stood as a hindrance to her ministration was her health, and immediately it was restored, she continued to be a blessing.

The role women play in missions cannot be over emphasized.

There is a vacancy that God has designed for you as a woman to fill.

If you’re a woman and God has called you to missions, we want you to know that you are very important for the furtherance of the work.

The salvation and growth of nations is tied to your obedience to the call of God upon your life.

Written by Sis Charisa Makanto (Team Watchmen)

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