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The Mindset of a True Missionary

Knowing what consecration means will reset your mindset in your service unto the Lord.

Whatever you willingly lay on the altar for the Lord, actually in this world you might not be able to get something like that again. You will have to look forward to your reward in eternity. 

When Moses finally decided to put off his Egyptian comfort and legitimate privileges, he knew very well that for the rest of his life, he may never again enjoy such kind of comfort and honour again. So, he looked forward to his reward in the world to come.

And truly, Moses, for the first forty years of yielding to serve God’s purpose, he was tending the flock of Jethro at the back side of the desert, no more in a comfortable AC office as he used to enjoy in Egypt. 

And for another 40 years, he was in the wilderness, transversing between mountains and valleys, drinking directly from rivers, eating food that dropped from the sky, spending days on open mountains and leading people who were never appreciative of his compassionate leadership.

It is a great error for us to be craving for and inventing (in the sacred ministry) the kind of benefits we would have gotten if we were serving in the world system. That error has damaged our consecration beyond repair.

Abraham left his large estate with properties and till he died, he was joyfully dwelling in tents from one place to another. But Lot went to Sodom and built a house in a city already marked for destruction. Abraham knew so well that if God was to reward his consecration with earthly things, then he would become more worldly than when he started his walk with the Lord. 

Instead, he chose to look forward to a City that had foundation whose maker and builder was God. No wonder he was able to finish his race and left a testament for us to follow. 

Beloved, we left our all not hoping for something better in this world. We daily look forward to our reward in heaven so that we can focus and reach everywhere we must reach for the Lord. That is the mindset that puts a missionary on the track of daily fulfilment.


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