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The Matthew 9:38 Prayer

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest.”

Incase you’ve ever wondered what prayer means, here’s a very apt definition.

Prayer is man giving God permission to act on the earth. 

Blasphemy! Preposterous!! Insolence!!! How can man give Almighty God permission? 

Well, if you understand that God delegated the rule of the earth to man, you would understand why God doesn’t just interfere in the Earth’s affairs.

In Gen 1:26

God said, let us make man in Our own image. Let them have dominion over the Earth…

This verse is God delegating to man the rulership of the earth.

And so, God would not just bump into the affairs of man because He has already delegated power, authority to him.

Notice I said, would not, for God is constrained by His word. God is ruled by His word. God is instructed by His man.

Let’s use this scenario to drive this home:

Imagine the President of a country and the Governor of a state.

Yeah! The President wouldn’t carry out any function in a state without the knowledge or consent of the Governor. 

It will be seen as trespassing. And it could have very gory consequences.

Exactly. That’s how delegation and authority works.

Man was created and then delegated to rule in the Earth’s domain and so, was given flesh to help him carry out his function. 

So, anything without flesh that wants to act on earth would need man’s permission. Else, their activity will be deemed illegal. Interestingly, including God.

God made it so. And He is fine with it. So, don’t pity Him.

The act is so He can allow man enjoy the power of choices He made.

You can either call on Him or not. He won’t invade.

This is why we pray. This is why He asked us to pray for Him to act whenever we need Him.

No man can do anything on earth without God’s grace. And so, man’s dependence on God is non-negotiable.

When a man chooses to run the Earth on his own terms, his end is always sad! 

And that’s because when you rule out God, you give the devil a field-day in your affairs.

God alone can turn the hearts of kings to align with His will. God alone can make man embrace the great commission. God alone can…

As demons contest for expression in the earth–illegally: leading the hearts of men away from what God has purposed for them, we can only ask God to help unveil these hearts so they can embrace the light of the glorious gospel.

Now more than ever, the Matthew 9:38 Prayer should be every believer’s heart cry.

Well, if you haven’t made it yours, today is a good time to start. 

So, the real question becomes: 

Will you?

Written by Sis Jane Edema


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