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The Lost, the Price and the Prize – A Must Read!


It is a price that comes with a prize,
Oh! Behold him as he wanders on,
He thinks in his heart,
He treads the path that will lead him home,

With his foolish wisdom he runs down the lane with all the strength and zeal he’s got,
Forgetting only the WHOLE gets HOME.

He travels further, faster,
Sought deeper, higher, all with the aim of waving the white flag at the end.
He, with his innocent ignorance, follows the man ahead of him who walks in the dark(the devil).

Who is this man with the foolish wisdom?

He is! Yes he’s the LOST.


Seeing his destination while still at it,
“At it” The journey of doom which he has embarked upon,
Overwhelmed by the weighing down with the burden of the final rest is the man,
Watching him (the lost) from a distance of the earth to the sun,
Yet, with the reality of the freedom from the SON,
He goes after him.

Leaving the comfort of his domain,
Began, it is, the quest for finding the lost,
Damming all it’ll cost,

He trailed through the path which was laid,
Followed on until food became forbidden,
Walked through the torns,
Sustaining injuries in turns,

Rest not, until sleep was sent on exile,
Saliva dried in the mouth as prayer were said unwithheld,
War against he who lead him on in the dark became ceaseless
All for the LOST.


The trumpet sounds,
The battle won,
The kingdom of light has come to stay,
All thanks to the Way,
The path of destruction has been alterly destroyed,
Rest he now finds within him,


Now he’s is a new creature with a brand new beginning.
Here is he who came after him,
Now with a lifted burden,

Prayers unsaid ANSWERED for him,
Oh, now much more cherished by Father of LIGHT,
That a crown of glory, beautified with stars had been made for him,
Only to be received by him on the day he finally goes to rest on.

This is the PRIZE for the PRICE.

He fills it again,
’tis a new burden,
Just like it had happened before,
It’s all coming back AGAIN.
He’s set ready to lunch into the deep anew,
In search for the LOST.

Who is he?
His name is CHRISTIAN!

Written by Bro Victor Ogunlade (Team Watchmen)

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