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The Heart of a Missionary – A Poem by Sis Chidera Aguguo

All I have is my heart that beats for you.
I do not have all the skills.
I do not have all the strength.
I dont understand the ethics.
I dont understand the patterns.
All I have is my heart that yearns and follows after you.

I do not have access to the oil wells of Arabia.
I do not have access to the gold and silver of the world.
I am not rich to the world.
I do not have possessions of the world.
I have no worth and value saved in the bank.
All I have is a heart that yearns for you.

What will you do with it?
Can you work with a willing heart?
Can you work with a broken heart?
Can you work with a heart that doesn’t hold unto to the things of this life but is always willing to hand them over to my lover and husband?

Can you use a heart that beats for you alone?
Can you use weak hands?
Can you use a large heart?
Can you use a heart that loves things you love and utterly despises what you despise??

If you can, then USE ME!!

I am totally wrapped up in your love.
If you bid me come, I come.
If you call me, I see nothing else but you
I have become a slave of Your love
I am yoked to you
I cannot move except you move

And that’s where I always want to be
That’s where I want to spend my life
Let my life be spent in You my Lover
When I leave my family,and I leave my friends and I leave everything…May I see just You.

In the lonely nights, may I hear your voice.
In the cold, may your love keep me warm
In the heat, let your nostrils blow the air of favour upon me
In danger, I hide under your never ending shadow.

In my tears and pains, comfort me
In my lack, be enough for me
In my hunger, let your words fill me till I overflow.
In my thirst, take me to the living waters and give me drink till I continue to thirst for you forever.

In my confusion, your rod and staff guides me.
In my error, like a child hopeless without its mother, I run to you for correction.
In bruises and cuts, your hands heal me
In the deep cuts of the words and criticisms of men, speak your life into me.

Because, I have no one else,
My God!!!
I see no one else, but You.

~ Written by Sis Chidera Aguguo (Team Watchmen)

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