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Team Watchmen Eye-Witness Interview (Episode 2): Featuring Bro. Daniel Okike

Q. Tell us about yourself.

A. My name is Daniel Okike. I am a Nigerian by birth.

Q. When did you join WPMI?

A. I joined WPMI in 2022. I heard of WPMI from a senior friend who was already in the group, and her passion for the group got my attention and made me join.

Q. Were you always passionate about missions; how did your love for missions come to be?

A. Growing up, I knew I felt good each time I talked to anybody about the love of God. As I got older, the passion became stronger. My love for missions came as a result of my love for preaching the love of Christ.

Q. Which was your most remarkable mission?

A. Akwa Ibom Missions was the most remarkable. Why? Because it exposed me to certain realities about life. I saw people who were really hungry to get saved at all costs.

Q. Tell us about any life-changing experience you have had on the mission field?

A. I remember, in the same Akwa Ibom Missions, when we decided to visit the mentally derailed persons, we got into intense prayers to know what God had to say concerning it. Gracefully, God told us to go ahead, that He had calmed their spirits. Surprisingly, when we got into the field, every mentally derailed person we met gave us complete audience and allowed us to minister to their spirits. It was such a beautiful thing to behold.

Q. So far, what has been your major challenge?

A. Sometimes strange meals ????, especially when we are in another tribe. Also, sometimes we are faced with financial problems as well.

Q. How has missions impacted your walk with God, and vice versa?

A. Being a missionary generally has made me love God more and also love humanity more.

Q. What is your take on churches in unreached communities?

A. My take on the churches in these communities remains that they should be met with the gospel of Christ, no matter how rural those places are.

Q. Based on your experiences in the mission field, do you think that churches in unreached communities can thrive without financial partners?

A. In as much as the main focus is to reach out to these people with God’s word, finance is too important as well. Financial partners are needed to keep up with reaching these people in these communities. They cannot thrive without financial partners.

Q. What would be your advice to individuals or churches in the cities about missions?

A. I will encourage everyone of them to join missions either in person or in support. Just do something to move missions.

Q. Five essential things anyone embarking on missions must have?


  • ▪️A Bible is necessary
  • ▪️ A writing material
  • ▪️ Decent clothes/coverings for cold if needed
  • ▪️ Torch if needed
  • ▪️Toiletries

Q. How did you cope with local dishes served in missions?

A. Personally, I don’t select food. Again, I love trying new things. I am adventurous, and that helps me to enjoy any meal, no matter how strange it is. As long as I see people eating it, then I can eat all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Q. What is your desire for missions?

A. My earnest desire is to see a time when all the unreached will be reached and the unreachable made reachable.

Report Compiled By Sis Abby (Team Watchmen)

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