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Learning Faith on the Mission Field

“My heart was beating fast, almost abnormally, as in less than 20mins, I’ll be meeting a group of people who have come to mean so much to me for the first time.

Now, I had related with them daily online and had a deep connection with them already, but a physical meeting seemed like a different game.

As my apprehension of what my first physical meeting with them would be like grew, my eagerness to share the gospel with the people of Bauchi also increased.

Yes! Bauchi was the state I was headed for missions with my WPMM family, and so, bonding with the team meant a lot to me.

I was particularly excited as meeting them physically proved that my initial concerns were unfounded, as they completely surpassed my expectations of them.

Indeed, the WPMM team are the most amazing people on the planet.

I literally felt and saw God on another plane in and through them.

Amongst the new things I had to learn whilst adapting to the mission field was practical Faith.

For me, drinking water from the land was a test of faith, as I had to mutter Mark 16:18 over and again, precisely due to the color of the water.

I had to recite Psalm 91:5-6 when I saw myself fall dangerously out of a speeding bike on the second day.

I kept reminding myself of God’s promises to protect and watch over me, as I had spiritual attacks each night while I lay on my bed.

In the end, I often rejoiced in all of these trials of my faith, as I gained mastery over the kingdom of darkness.

I believe the biggest test of faith came 5days after I arrived on the mission field.

It was one of those afternoons when the sun was blazing hot before the time struck 10 am, and so, we set out to minister to the villagers wherever we see them gathered.

As we ministered, I felt my strength slowly but steadily ebbing.

I didn’t understand what was happening but I kept reminding my body that “Jesus nailed every sickness to the cross”.

Yet before 2 pm, I could barely stand, my eyes would close at will whilst I walked, and my breath was coming in short, hot gasps, and all the strength I had left me.

Still, I refused to confess sickness.

“Let the weak say I am strong,” became my slogan, as we walked the seemingly endless distance back home to rest.

On getting home, I laid down and slept off almost immediately, and whilst I did, I would hear voices telling me it was over, that I’m going to die in a foreign land because I refused to stay back at home.

In my weakness, I refused to give up, even though my body begged me to accept defeat.

I woke up a few hours later to my phone ringing and a brother in church pleading that I boarded the next bus back home because his wife had a dreadful revelation about me.

A few minutes after hanging up the phone, my brother called with the same revelation.

Some hours later, a sister called and shared another horrible revelation about me.

All I did was look up to the Lord, as I wondered if it was in His nature to let go of those He sent to minister His word.

I thought through the scriptures and realized that He never leaves nor forsakes us and that in all these things, we are more than conquerors.

At this point, it dawned on me that I had no one to hold on to, but Elohim.

Within a few hours, He proved He was too faithful to fail, as I was back on my feet, ready to sing His praise and show forth His wonderful works.

I learned faith in the strangest of places. Yes! I learned faith in the Mission field!”

–Written by Aguguo Chidera (Team Watchmen)

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