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Every Christian is a Missionary – A Must Read!

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.…

– Mark 16: 15-16

Who is a missionary?

And does a Christian have to be one?

Well, if this has ever crossed your mind, please know this:

God sent His only Son into the world, and guess what His preoccupation was.

Yeah! You got it.

A missionary!

Now, of all the jobs that probably existed in His day, God thought the noblest of them all was being a missionary, and so, subscribed to His only Son being one.

Why? You may ask:

Hmmm…He was telling us that being a missionary isn’t a suggestion. It wasn’t an afterthought or a voluntary task Christians should indulge; else it wouldn’t have been suitable for His only Son.

All the Apostles we celebrate today were missionaries, and that’s one reason Christianity enjoyed the advancement it did in the early church’s era.

Christianity entails embracing the missionary expedition. It’s a core of our Christian faith.

If we hammer on baptism. If we insist on salvation. If we stress on Holy Ghost baptism because Christ insisted on them, then, insinuating that missions is an afterthought becomes a source of concern.

We are aware that Christ didn’t engage in any thing whilst on earth for the fun of it. He often did to set a template and to pass a message to the Church.

This is why as He exited the earth, He reiterated that we go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Now, this would mean embracing missions, or how else would we preach the gospel to all creation scattered around the world?

Hear this, please:

The only way world evangelization can occur, so that we can prepare to welcome back our Savior is in our total submission to missions.

The story of the Tower in Babel also elucidates that God’s desire has never been for Christians to build a comfortable structure and stay put in it.

This was the approach of the Babylonians, which caused God to introduce languages, a form of disunity in their midst, so they could scatter– spread.

If He didn’t sanction it then, He isn’t going to applaud our being stationary Christians now.

So, if you haven’t been thinking in this light, we urge you to have a rethink, for indeed, the laborers are few, and an additional hand is always gold.

God bless you!

Written by Sis Jane Edema (Team Watchmen)

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