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3 Ways to Evangelize as a Shy Christian by Sis Jane Edema

Often, we encounter believers who have never shared their faith with anyone.

And you’re almost tempted to question their profession until you realize that several reasons may have accounted for their not declaring their faith boldly.

The Bible says in Acts 1:8 that after the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you shall be witnesses.

So, why aren’t you witnessing for Christ boldly?

If you are someone who wants to evangelize and don’t know how to go about it, here are some ways to evangelize.

1. Greeting Warmly.

When you greet someone pleasantly, it opens them up to you. If they respond to your greeting, it could signal that they are open to further discussion.

Indeed, some may not respond to wade you off, but do not be deterred by their responses.

Yet, if you’re just starting and need a boost on your confidence, you may want to meet people who are welcoming of you and you message you bring.

2. Breaking the Ice.

Now, most speakers will tell you that breaking the ice is one way to gain control of your audience and ease tension. Truth is, this could also come in handy when ok evangelism.

You could meet someone and start asking how they are faring with the weather.

As they engage with you on anything you raise up, you could then look for a way to connect it back to the thoughts you want to share.

3. Go with Tracts.

Over time, when you have tracts with you, it could be an access point to starting a conversation with someone about Christ.

When someone receives a tract from you, you could then go ahead to establish with them the thoughts on the tracts.

Usually, when someone receives the tracts and starts to stare them it, it could send a signal to you that they are receptive to the message you want to share.

In Conclusion:

The gospel of our Lord Jesus has been committed to our trust.

So, we have a responsibility to come out of our comfort zone and ensure the gospel is preached.

Don’t worry about what to say when you reach out to the unsaved, simply set out after asking God for grace and wisdom to share His word.

The Holy Ghost is the Lord of the harvest field and you can always be sure of His support as you go.

Know this:

You are not alone.

So, are you set to step out and win your first soul for the Kingdom?

– Written by Sis Jane Edema (Team Watchmen)

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